TE Connectivity (TE), today introduced its new 124 position Sliver internal I/O connectors and cable assemblies, which provide a high density solution that enables up to x20 signal transmission lanes, or 40 differential pairs. The 124 position Sliver connectors currently support PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 5, Ethernet 56G and SAS-5. The cable assemblies currently support PCIe Gen 4, with the ability to upgrade to PCIe Gen 5, Ethernet 56G and SAS-5. The new 124 position solution can replace use of separate 50 and 74 position connectors, reducing the number of interconnections needed and enabling better cable management than was previously possible.

The solution's G-S-S-G open pin field configuration provides designers 20 lanes of flexible pin definitions. These products can also run x16 PCIe protocol plus extra side band signals or low power. In addition, TE's 124 position Sliver connector and cable with integrated guide rail are more robust than other products in the market and are the only mid-board copper product with a pull tab on the plug and alignment features on the receptacle. This allows for blind mating and the ability to disengage the cable when there is limited space for a finger to press the latch button on the plug.

"TE's new 124 position Sliver connectors and cable assemblies allow system designers to streamline their designs by combining two known solutions in the market into one while supporting a variety of high-speed protocols," says Lucas Benson, product manager at TE Connectivity. "These products simplify cable management and offer innovative mating capabilities that help to ensure positive connections and enhanced usability."

To learn more about TE's new 124 position Sliver connectors and cable assemblies, click here.