GradientOne, announced today an additional service providing insights for optimizing utilization of test equipment and other devices. This asset utilization service augments GradientOne's cloud application suite that includes test data acquisition and archiving, online collaboration, data analytics and reporting tools. Together these deliver an integrated end to end solution as an alternative to homegrown ones that are difficult to maintain.

Granite River Labs, a engineering services and test solutions for connectivity, has deployed the GradientOne test asset utilization system for its test labs around the world.

"Our business operates at the leading edge of innovations in connectivity technologies.  Operational excellence and embracing new and creative approaches to our business needs are keys to our success,” said Quintin Anderson, co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Granite River Labs.  “GradientOne’s solution gives me the ability to make data-driven decisions around optimal test asset allocation — including future investments — and equally importantly, it does not change the workflow of our test engineers.”

GradientOne’s asset utilization suite provides automated test asset discovery, utilization reporting, scheduling and calibration tracking. These features help simplify the day to day tasks associated with efficiently managing test labs. For Granite River Labs, utilization trackers were downloaded, installed, and deployed in less than 10 minutes for each test system. Rapid deployment coupled with real time visibility yielded quick time to value for Granite River Labs’ global footprint.

GradientOne frees test engineers from the high cost of developing and maintaining test data analysis solutions by providing a cloud based platform for data acquisition, single system of record for test data storage, product quality history, and advanced analytics. In addition to test asset utilization, the new version provides easy to use analytical capabilities including:

  • Process Capability Analysis - Capability analysis for manufacturing yield and determination of process control.
  • Predictive Analytics - Leverage the capabilities of the web browser coupled with cursors and markers to predict test outcomes using, Linear Regression, Principal Component Analysis, and Classification Using Decision Trees.
  • Anomaly Detection - Detect anomalies in test data using standard tools that can be flexibly applied to your specific test results with Scatterplot Analysis and Time Series Anomalies
  • Waveform Pattern Matching - Use the power of cloud computing to automatically detect and group similar or identical waveforms. Use trace markers to identify important characteristics such as glitches or anomalies.  Define reference traces for known 'good signals' to use for matching.  Search through hundreds of thousands of results within seconds to find the needle in the haystack.

“GradientOne’s asset utilization solution delivers an immediate ROI for customers looking to improve their test engineering operations.” said Nick Edwards, CEO, GradientOne.  “Our approach capitalizes on the benefits of cloud computing by delivering real time visibility into test asset performance in distributed lab scenarios. We’re confident that in working with GradientOne, Granite River Labs can continue to scale its lab investments in an optimal way while meeting their operational tempo and customers they serve.”

Pricing and Availability

The complete family of GradientOne solutions is available via  The lab utilization feature is offered for $99 per asset per month with volume discounts available.

For additional information on features, a free 14 day trial, pricing and volume licensing programs, please visit