Picotest.com has released the PerfectPulse signal generator, designed to be a low cost, pocket-sized, fast edge signal generator and TDR in one package. Picotest reports that this type of high-speedTDR/TDT has never been available in this portable form, requiring only a USB power source, and at this price point.

The PerfectPulse signal generator provides an ultra-fast, square, 32ps edge pulse. The -500mV, 50 Ohm output signal (trimmed for accuracy) is very square, without overshoot or undershoot, making it well suited for verifying instrument and probe rise/fall times, as well as verifying signal path rise/fall time and undershoot/overshoot. The inclusion of a 10GHz power splitter allows the signal generator to be used as a high performance reflectometer (TDR) for measuring PCB coupons, cable and PCB trace impedance, verifying cable crimps, measuring trace and cable lengths, dielectric constant, and other applications.

Single button operation allows selection of different operating frequencies with 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz, and 10MHz square wave settings, as well as ground and DC output. A 3.5mm connector is used for added performance and reliability. PerfectPulse is compatible with all 50 Ohm probes, including the Picotest P2100A 1-Port probe, for signal injection.

The introductory price of the J2151A PerfectPulse Fast Edge Signal Generator is $3500 and is available starting July 1st, 2018, from www.Picotest.com.

For more information please see https://www.picotest.com/products_J2151A.html and the Picotest PCB/TDR Solutions page, https://www.picotest.com/measurements/MeasuringPCB.html.