Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions,  has released a new OpenVPX backplane with 1 VPX slot and 1 VITA 62 slot for a pluggable power supply. 

The new 6U OpenVPX backplane has pass-through signals to the RTM (rear transition modules) with only power and ground connected.   Many rugged applications utilize VITA 62 power supplies.  The 2nd slot of the 6U backplane has an interface to this type of PSU, allowing convenient prototyping and development.   Pixus also offer VITA 62 power interface boards as stand-alone products.  In addition to the power interface slot, the backplane has several power taps for VPX voltages. 

Pixus provides OpenVPX enclosures, backplanes, components, and accessories.  The company also offers VITA 65 compliant backplanes in a wide range of standard profiles and configurations.