Murata launches its latest series of encapsulated DC-DC converters designed specifically for industrial, railway, and industrial mobility applications. The 50 watt we from Murata Power Solutions provides efficiency using the latest technology for fixed frequency switching power supply architectures, in an industry standard 1/16th brick pinout.


  • Baseplate cooling
  • Encapsulated mechanical design
  • On/off logic control
  • Output short circuit & overvoltage protection, along with, input under voltage lock out (UVLO) over temperature protection circuits
  • Basic insulation with 2250 Vdc input-to-output isolation and a fully regulated DC output
  • Includes modules with outputs of 3.3, 5 and 12 Vdc with up to 50 watts of output power
  • The universal Vin range of 18 – 75 Vdc meets the requirements of EN50155 for nominal input voltages of 37.5 Vdc and 48 Vdc including brown out and transient conditions


  • With its wide 4:1 input range, the IRS-Q48 supports common bus voltages of 24 V, 28 V, 37.5 V, 48 V & 54 Vdc commonly found in industrial, industrial mobility and rail electronic systems
  • The electrical and mechanical design incorporates proprietary technology providing shock & vibration tolerance that meets or exceeds EN 61373:1999 Category 1, Class B, Body Mounted requirements
  • With an efficiency of 91 %, the converters operate cooler and more efficiently
  • Is available with an option for a standard or a flanged baseplate for various conduction cooling configurations including cold wall mounting


  • Rail eco system including, but not limited to
    - Mobile communications signaling
    - Lighting
    - Signs
    - Computing
    - Motor drives
    - Control modules
    - Security systems
  • 12 V, 24 V & 48 V battery systems
  • Smart grid systems
  • Intermediate bus
  • Harsh environment applications in networking equipment
  • Wireless networking equipment for mobile computing
  • Test equipment

Additional applications requiring a regulated 3.3, 5 and 12 Vdc source.

For more information, please view the datasheet: