Dialog Semiconductor plc, a provider of integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, charging, and Bluetooth® low energy technology, today announced it is shipping in high volume its USB Power Delivery (USB PD) chipset to Hosiden Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of charger adapters for mobile devices. The chipset is used in Hosiden’s CBC2153 model USB PD-compliant adapter, designed for one of Japan’s mobile TELCO providers. Dialog's market share consists of more than 60 percent in AC/DC rapid charging integrated circuits for smartphone adapters, this represents another success in the company’s power conversion leadership. 

“We chose Dialog’s USB PD chipset because it enabled us to minimize our CBC2153 adapter footprint and reduce the BOM cost,” said Kenji Hirai, General Manager 2nd Engineering Department at Hosiden Corporation. “It requires far fewer external components compared to competing or traditional microcontroller-based approaches and, combined with Dialog’s very high efficiency, it enabled us to design our adapters to support the high power and fast charging demands of the USB PD specification at low cost and in a very small form factor, without incurring thermal issues. We continue to leverage Dialog’s leadership in the rapid charging market to best support the requirements of our leading TELCO provider customers.”

“As the adoption of the USB PD standard continues to accelerate in mobile devices, this success confirms our strong market position in AC/DC rapid charging,” said Davin Lee, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Power Conversion Business Group, Dialog Semiconductor. “We are very pleased to work closely with Hosiden, building on our long-standing, strong relationship and supporting them at the forefront of technology innovation in mobile device fast charging.”

Dialog’s USB-PD chipset is designed specifically to meet consumer demands for today’s high performance mobile device travel adapters. As a state machine-based solution, it eliminates the need for an MCU and many additional external components, resulting in higher power density in a small charger case, at lower cost.

Dialog’s iW656+iW1791+iW676 USB PD chipset provides significant protection features, including Dialog’s SmartDefender™ advanced hiccup technology that addresses soft short circuits, helping to prevent excessive heat build-up and damage in charger cables and connectors for safer, more reliable rapid charging. Additionally, automatic AC un-plug detection protects the phone battery from high voltage damage if the charger is unplugged, then re-plugged in to the mains with the charging cable still connected.

For more information, please visit https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/.