Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System in one standard size is the entry level bench top test fixture that allows interchangeable cassettes to be used to further reduce fixturing costs. Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System enables reliable spring test probe access to small and medium sized PCBAs. Its cleaver design offers an advanced set of features as standard.

One smooth continual action closes the top assembly, provides linear travel, and compresses the fixture mounted probes. Interchangeable cassettes connected via a two position VG/Pylon interface, are used to allow the unit to be used for more than one product (interface blocks should be ordered separately). The Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System will compress 100 8 oz probes. It is equipped with a probe protection / UUT (unit under test) support plate and offers a top probing option. The removable back panel allows custom cut-outs for test equipment connections. This receiver will accommodate the JTAG technologies JT 5705/FXT single board test system, by simply plugging the hardware directly onto the rear of the internal VG/Pylon interface.

Constructed from lightweight materials and designed with folding lifting handles the Mechanical Bench Top Cassette System facilitates operations.

As with all ECT fixture kits, this product can be customized, providing full drill pin and wire, including automated finger and support placement. If the fixture is to be used, ECT’s Test Fixture Maintenance Guide (http://ect-fsg.com/test-fixture-maintenance-guideline) can be applied for all ECT ICT and FCT fixtures.

Please contact ECT for more information http://ect-fsg.com/contact-form.