Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) announced a highly-programmable clock generator and jitter attenuator IC featuring less than 200 fs of phase noise, providing valuable system design margin for 10 Gbps interfaces in wireline and wireless communication networks. The additional phase noise margin eases system design constraints, allowing engineers to minimize bit error rates (BER) while lowering overall system costs.

The IDT® 8T49N240 is the latest member of IDT's third-generation Universal Frequency Translator (UFT™) family. It features the ability to produce virtually any common output frequency from virtually any input frequency. The highly flexible, high performance clock generator and jitter attenuator is ideal for 10 Gbps or multi-lane 40/100 Gbps timing applications where 300 fs of phase noise is typically the maximum acceptable amount allowed at the physical ports. The 200 fs phase noise specification of the 8T49N240 provides ample noise margin, enabling engineers to simplify their clock tree designs and utilize lower cost PCBs.

The 8T49N240 features a 6 mm x 6 mm package footprint, requiring considerably less PCB area than most other solutions with this level of performance and flexibility. The device is also suitable for 25/28 Gbps interfaces. The 8T49N240 and evaluations boards are available now.

“The 8T49N240 was specifically designed to make our customers' jobs easier and lower their system costs,” said Kris Rausch, vice president and general manager of IDT's timing group. “The phase noise margin it provides makes it easier to achieve downstream noise targets. Couple that with its high programmability, reusability across different board designs and the local support IDT provides across the world; and it's clear why customers keep coming back to IDT for their timing needs.”

In addition to highly trained field application engineers, IDT belongs to a select group of timing solution providers with factory application engineers resident in key regions throughout the world. This results in enhanced response times and superior support, which is often critical in meeting tight development deadlines. The 8T49N240 is complemented by IDT's proven Timing Commander™ software — a free, intuitive program that allows users to easily configure the device by simply clicking on blocks, entering desired values and sending the configuration to the device. IDT also offers a web-based tool that allows customers to generate custom part numbers in seconds to match their specific configurations.

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