Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs and ESD protection devices, announces its new TESD Series of single-channel ESD clamping diodes offering size and performance specifications optimized for wearable applications. The new TESD devices’ unique design features proprietary bidirectional clamping cells (for ESD protection up to ±30kV) in an ultra-small DFN0603 package. 

The devices in the new TESD Series are offered in versions with 5.0V and 3.3V (max.) operating voltages and provide protection in compliance with IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) to ±20kV (air/contact) and IEC61000-4-5 (lightning) to 4.5A (8/20µs). A second 3.3V model in the series increases these specs to ±30kV and 8.2A, respectively.

“Compared to handheld products, wearable products must meet more stringent package size requirements along with ESD standardsso our TESD series’ DFN0603 package offers clear advantages,” said Sam Wang, vice president, TSC Products. “Besides being the optimum choice for wearable applications, their ultra-small size combined with ultra-low capacitance make these protection devices beneficial in a range of other ESD-sensitive applications, including HDMI, display port and high-speed video I/O; USB 3.0 and 3.1; industrial I/O (RS485); SATA and eSATA; RAID, NAS and SAN systems.”