SnapEDA have released over 13,000 computer-aided design (CAD) models to help engineers design electronics faster. 

Designers spend weeks creating CAD models for their printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Besides being time-consuming, creating CAD models is a detailed and sophisticated process. Even a single error can cause thousands of dollars in wasted prototypes, as well as weeks in delays. 

Engineers can now sidestep these challenges with over 13,000, verified electronic (E-CAD) models for Abracon’s timing and inductor products. This brings the total coverage of E-CAD and mechanical CAD (M-CAD) models for Abracon products on SnapEDA to over 58,000.

The models follow Abracon’s recommended land patterns and incorporate a combination of the industry standards IEEE-315 and IPC-7351B as well as SnapEDA’s internal standards. To give engineers transparency into manufacturability, engineers can also view an automated quality report. To ensure quality, they have undergone a rigorous quality assurance process enabled by SnapEDA’s patented verification technology. 

Abracon supplies passive components including frequency control and timing, RF, and antenna, continuous voltage, inductors, and connectivity solutions. Their products are used for a wide range of applications, including transportation, medical, consumer, aerospace and defense, communication, and industrial.

“We enable engineers around the globe to decrease their design-time and reduce errors by providing access to electronic-CAD models. Our goal is to make it easy for customers to download thousands of current products in an electronic format and bring their products to market faster,” said Tony Roybal, President and CEO of Abracon.

“Abracon’s timing and inductor products are the category leaders on SnapEDA. The quality and reliability of their brand resonates with our community. We are happy to bring more value to professional engineers together,” said Natasha Baker, the CEO and Founder of SnapEDA. 

Libraries are available to download for free through SnapEDA and the SnapEDA Syndication Network partners, whose partners include Digi-Key, Mouser, and RS Components DesignSpark.