Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the SIGLENT SDS2000X HD Series High-Resolution Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, which feature 2GSa/s 12-bit A/D converters with an extremely low 70uVrms noise floor front end to provide a signal analysis tool with over 16 times the resolution of ordinary 8-bit oscilloscopes. This is ideal for examining small variations on large signals. The SDS2000X HD series includes 100, 200, and 350 MHz versions, with optional 16 digital channels for mixed signal analysis capability and a 25 MHz waveform generator for self-contained tests. 

The SDS2000X HD series employs Siglent’s latest SPO technology with a maximum waveform capture rate of up to 100,000wfm/s (500,000 wfm/s in Sequence Mode), and a 256-level intensity display for captured waveforms. The SDS2000X HD series employs an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter, supporting multiple powerful triggering modes that include serial protocol bus triggering and decoding: edge, slope, pulse width, window, runt, interval, dropout, pattern, video, qualified, nth edge, setup/hold, delay, serial. Many useful tools are included, such as history waveform recording, search and navigate functions, mask test, bode plot, power analysis, and histogram. Also included are a digital voltmeter and counter functionality. With a record length of 200Mpts/ch, extended waveform records can be captured, stored, and analyzed.

The large 10.1 in. capacitive touch screen display supports multi-touch gestures, which, together with a user-friendly UI design, greatly improves operational efficiency. Mouse control, and remote web control over LAN are all also supported.