PCB East will offer a full day of free classes during its annual technical conference and exhibition in April in Marlborough, MA. The technical conference takes place April 11-13, 2022, with the free Tuesday sessions on April 12, the same day the exhibition is open.

A highlight of the free sessions is a presentation from noise control expert Rick Hartley on PCB layout of DDR bus structures. Hartley’s presentation will focus on identifying reasonable rules and guidelines, as well as proper PCB layout concepts to ensure DDR structures function as intended without adding extra time or cost to the project.

Ray Fugitt and David Hoover bring their ever-popular look at the 21 most common design errors caught by fabrication from PCB West to the East Coast this year. The lively two-hour session looks at each error and discusses ways to find them before the designs are sent out for manufacturing.

In a special free two-hour class, two of the most recognized names in the flexible circuit industry – Mark Finstad (co-chair of IPC-2223) and Nick Koop (co-chair of IPC-6013) – cover the entire gamut of flexible and rigid-flex circuits from mechanical design/material selection, cost drivers, bending, and forming concerns, testing, and issues to rigid-flex. The course includes a complete virtual plant tour of a flexible circuit manufacturing facility.

Capping off the free sessions is the keynote from international electronics industry consultant Gene Weiner, who will offer a look at several emerging developments in additive manufacturing, materials, equipment, components, and other areas that could change the design-to-manufacturing process over the next few years.

“Nowhere else will printed circuit engineers have access to such a lineup of experts, in person and for free,” said Mike Buetow, president of PCEA, and conference director, PCB East. “You will kick yourself if you miss it.”

For information on the technical conference and to register for PCB East, visit https://pcbeast.com.