Taiwan Semiconductor announces the extension of its recently launched line of fast recovery epitaxial diodes. The latest PUUPxxH family extends the benefits of FRED technology to applications requiring up to 6A of operating current. These high-reliability (AEC-Q101 qualified) devices deliver optimized switching speed vs. reverse recovery time. Their soft reverse recovery results in lower noise switching while achieving low losses and increased efficiency. The TO-227 package heat spreader contacts provide excellent heat transfer.

In addition to the 100V and 200V rated 3A, 4A and 6A models in the PUUP series, 3A, and 4A versions are available in SOD-128 and DO-214 packages.                     

“The new PUUP series’ FRED technology delivers increasing efficiency and power density in switching power applications in newer more thermally advantageous packaging,” said Vice President, TSC Products, Sam Wang. “And for instant upgrade to the benefits of this technology, 3A, and 4A versions are also offered in historical packaging.”

The latest additions to the TSC FRED series provide several beneficial features:

  • Fast Switching and Reverse Recovery Times – Increases efficiency in a wide range of power electronics designs from medium voltage to high voltage applications, lowers EMI, and RFI and simplifies snubber and filtering design.
  • Low Reverse Leakage – Industry-leading maximum IR (1 µA @ Tj=25°C) improves efficiency and offers a more controlled switching response between forward and reverse conduction modes.
  • Low Reverse Recovery Charge –Maximum QRR (40 nC @ IF=0.5A, IR=1.0A, IRR=0.25A) lowers parasitic ringing and EMC, reduces the need for snubbers; increases switching speed and lowers losses.
  • AEC-Q Automotive Qualified – 175°C Tj(max) compelling for automotive and industrial applications – Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation is available.
  • Global Materials Compliance – RoHS compliant, halogen-free (per IEC-61249-2-21), WEEE, REACH, California Prop. 65, JESD-201 Class 2 Whisker Test and others.
  • Thermally Advantageous TO-227 Package – Ideal for automated placement. Low profile packaging with heat spreader contacts provides excellent thermal management.

Applications include switching power conversion in automotive, lighting, industrial, and communications. Specific applications benefiting from AEC-Q qualification include fuel injection systems, electrification of transportation, and automated navigation.

Design resources include comprehensive datasheets and spice models for each component in the series.

Price:                    From $0.40 in OEM Quantities

Lead Time:          Samples: in-stock (Digi-Key and Mouser)