Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) has launched its latest catalog for its high frequency components: broadband capacitors, broadband resistors, inductors and single layer capacitors. The catalog can be found on PPI’s website.

The latest catalog represents PPI’s high frequency products. The full range of broadband capacitors: 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805; Broadband Resistors: R35-1209 and R35-2010; spiral inductors; and single layer capacitors: edge to edge, border cap, twin cap and array. Individual component information, such as series datasheets, S-Parameter data and Modelithics® Modeling Data can also be found at PPI’s website.

Included on the website is a engineering tool—Capacitor Application Program, (C.A.P.). allows engineers to insert capacitor requirements (cap value, frequency) producing scattering matrices (S2P), ESR, Q & Impedance charts and data sheets according to the engineer’s specifications. Always committed to producing the highest quality product on the market, PPI maintains a fully equipped R&D and testing facility, ensuring a wide range of superior components.