Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) offers a series of larger case size capacitors with a High-Q, High RF Current/Voltage with Low ESR/ESL and Ultra-Stable performance characteristics. These capacitors can be used as bypass, coupling, tuning, impedance matching or DC blocking components for HF/RF Power amplifiers, transmitters, antenna tuning, plasma changes, and medical equipment applications. The larger case sizes are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123, and are available in two dielectrics* (P90 or NP0); three different terminations: Magnetic (100% Tin - Solder over Nickel Barrier), Non-Magnetic (100% Tin - Solder over Copper Barrier), and Tin/Lead (90% Tin 10% Lead - Solder over Nickel Barrier). *Depending on case size 


Please contact PPI directly for information and availability of these capacitors in magnetic or non-magnetic termination, or microstrip, axial, and radial ribbon, axial and radial wire leads, and custom assemblies. 

Always committed to producing the highest quality product on the market, PPI maintains a fully equipped R&D and testing facility ensuring a wide range of High-Q Capacitors and Custom Assemblies. PPI works with requesting engineers to determine best assembly for their applications. 

Datasheets, and Modelithics® generated S-Parameter (S2P) Data can be found here