Laird R&F Products now offers a series of thermal products that help aerospace and defense design engineers tackle rising heat loads in advanced electronics.

“With more components in tighter spaces in aerospace and defense technology, design engineers need to manage more heat than ever before while protecting sensitive components from damage and, in some cases, filling large gaps,” said Rick Johnson, aerospace and defense director at Laird R&F Products. “Our new thermal solutions represent a new step forward for thermal management in the aerospace and defense industry, taking thermal conductivity to new heights while minimizing stress on surrounding components and filling gaps reliably.”

The thermal solutions from Laird R&F Products include gap fillers and multifunctional solutions. Aerospace and defense design engineers use Laird R&F Products’ gap fillers to bridge the interface between hot components and a chassis or heat sink assembly to optimize heat transfer. Laird R&F Products now offers four gap fillers:

  • Tflex SF10 is a soft, non-silicone gap filler that offers thermal performance without overstressing boards and components.  
  • Tflex HP34 consists of aligned graphite fibers, which provide high bulk thermal conductivity (34 W/mk). Compared to typical graphite-based materials, the non-silicone gap filler is considerably softer with excellent deflection properties.
  • Tputty 900 is a dispensable gap filler with 9 W/mk thermal conductivity that minimizes stress on components.
  • Tflex CR900 is a two-part dispensable gap filler that provides low thermal resistance and 9.2 W/mk thermal conductivity. Built for applications with large gap tolerances, it meets vertical shock and vibe requirements.

Multifunctional solutions from Laird R&F Products address multiple challenges—from heat to electromagnetic interference to structural issues—using single, space-saving designs. Laird R&F Products now offers four multifunctional solutions:

  • CoolZorb-Ultra is a silicone-free thermal and EMI hybrid absorber that offers thermal conductivity of 11.5 W/mk.
  • GOF1000, GOF2000 and GOF3000 are gaskets that provide thermal transfer performance in the form of a wrapped compressible foam gasket. GOF1000 utilizes a polyurethane foam. GOF2000 utilizes Laird LSF series silicone foam and has a UL V0 flammability rating. GOF3000 utilizes a silicone foam core for lower compression force and a UL V0 flammability rating.

“These solutions demonstrate Laird R&F Products’ commitment to continuously innovating to meet the fast-changing needs of aerospace and defense design engineers,” said Daniel Ramirez, field application and technical support engineer for Laird R&F Products. “Our new gap filler and multifunctional solutions will help design engineers solve the increasingly complex thermal management challenges they face in advanced aerospace and defense electronics.”