Ranatec announced its latest product, the RI 4901 EMI ventilation panel. Developed for test houses and wireless device vendors, the high performance EMI ventilation panel provides a robust 105 dB shielding efficiency of up to 9 GHz. The panel has already been delivered to major Telecom customers in Europe and the U.S. 

“Our new RI 4901 high performance EMI ventilation panel puts Ranatec one step closer to be the “one stop shop” for RF-shielding test and measurement,” said Magnus Kilian, CEO at Ranatec. “The RI 4901 furthers Ranatec’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art, modern products and services to fit the evolving needs of our global customer base.”  

Sold separately or as an accessory to the Ranatec RF-box, the Ranatec RI 4901 EMI ventilation panel is designed for use in the most demanding shielding applications. Delivering up to 9 GHz the shielding efficiency is 105 dB. The panel is designed to fit 80 x 80 mm standard computer fans.  


    105 dB shielding up to 9 GHz 

    Fit standard fans, 80 x 80 mm 

    Easy to mount 



    Shielding, up to 9 GHz                       105 dB              

    Shielding, 20 GHz                                90 dB  

    Shielding, 40 GHz                                70 dB  

    Dimensions (W x L x T)         85 x 85 x 9 mm 

    Mass                                                   0.08 kg 

    Material                                          Aluminium 



The Ranatec EMI ventilation panel is typically mounted on shielded boxes or shielded rooms in combination with a ventilation fan. The ventilation panel enables outstanding ventilation of shielded boxes, while maintaining superior RF/EMI shielding.