Designers can now extend battery life and reduce solution size of consumer, industrial, healthcare and IoT systems with three Essential Analog ICs from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. The MAX17227A 2A nanoPower boost converter, the MAX17291 high voltage, 1A boost converter and the MAX38911 500mA LDO all provide the lowest quiescent current among competitive solutions to improve system efficiency and increase battery life.

Next-generation systems must provide higher currents from small batteries to support advanced applications such as drug delivery, sensing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Device limitations force developers into tradeoffs that either constrain functionality, shorten battery life, or increase solution size. Three Efficient Power ICs from Maxim’s Essential Analog portfolio help ease these tradeoffs with both industry-leading lowest quiescent current and smallest solution size.

MAX17227A: For battery-operated consumer accessories, IoT and medical wearable systems that need to boost power, the MAX17227A delivers the highest output power and the lowest quiescent current. It handles up to 2A switch current, twice that of the closest competitive solution. And it consumes half the quiescent current, at just 350nA. This nanoPower boost converter features short-circuit protection, true shutdown and an input voltage range from 400mV to 5.5V, and it can extend battery system life up to 10 percent.

MAX17291: Delivering a high voltage boost up to 20V, the MAX17291 offers a quiescent current that is 80 percent lower and a solution size that is 60 percent smaller than the closest competitive offerings. Delivering up to 10X voltage conversion, this boost converter fits battery-operated systems with higher output voltage loads such as industrial energy hold-up, displays or sensors.

MAX38911: Up to 50 percent smaller than competitive solutions, the MAX38911 500mA LDO for battery-operated IoT systems draws only 19µA during idle mode to extend battery life up to 10 percent. It also has the industry’s best power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) at a level 16dB better than the closest competitor, thus helping prevent noisy power supplies from interfering with critical functions such as precise measurements and communications.


  • Longest Battery Life: All three ICs are part of Maxim’s Efficient Power portfolio and lead the industry with the lowest quiescent current.
  • Smallest Size: Up to 50 percent smaller than the closest competitive solutions
  • High Reliability: Features such as short-circuit protection and high PSRR help IoT systems overcome disruptions in harsh environments

Availability and Pricing:

  • The MAX17227A is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $0.86 (1000-up, FOB USA); also available from authorized distributors
  • The MAX17291 is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $0.74 (1000-up, FOB USA); also available from authorized distributors
  • The MAX38911 is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $0.67 (1000-up, FOB USA); also available from authorized distributors
  • The MAX17227AEVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $69.99
  • The MAX17291EVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $69.99
  • The MAX389111EVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $69.99
  • EE-Sim® models are available for the MAX17227A and MAX17291; For details, visit

More information about Maxim Integrated’s portfolio of Essential Analog ICs here: