Signal Integrity Journal, covering signal integrity, power integrity and EMC/EMI, has published its 2021 issue. The magazine is available in print (by subscription and at select SI/PI/EMI events) and is also available as a technical eBook.

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Some content highlights:

  • "Low-Cost and Free Tools Fit for an Engineer’s Personal Budget,” Eric Bogatin and Jay Diepenbrock
  • “A Low Cost Capacitor Characterization System,” Jeff Cain, Joe Hock, & Eric Bogatin et al
  • “Characteristic Impedance: Where SI/PI Worlds Collide,” Bert Simonovich
  • “Why You Need to Care About Both S- and Z Parameters for PDN,” Istvan Novak
  • “Back to basics: IBIS/IBIS-AMI and the path to (LP)DDR5,” Hee-Soo Lee and Fangyi Rao
  • “224 Gb/s per Lane Options and Challenges,” Cathy Liu
  • "Attention All Tool Vendors! Listen Up," Eric Bogatin