Xilinx, Inc. introduced the Zynq RFSoC DFE, a breakthrough class of adaptive radio platforms designed to meet the evolving standards of 5G NR wireless applications. Zynq RFSoC DFE combines a hardened digital front-end (DFE) with adaptable logic, enabling both a cost effective and flexible ASIC alternative for mass 5G NR radio deployments. Zynq RFSoC DFE builds on the family of production-proven Zynq RFSoCs—the only adaptive single-chip radio platforms that integrate the entire RF and DFE signal chain from RF to distributed unit (DU).

5G radio requires solutions that not only meet bandwidth, power and cost challenges for widespread deployment, but must also scale for emerging 5G standards such as OpenRAN, new and disruptive 5G business models, and use cases like enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communication and ultra-reliable low latency communication. Zynq RFSoC DFE is purpose-built for these demanding requirements by integrating application-specific hardened blocks for 5G NR performance and power while also delivering hardware adaptable radio architectures for a true 5G future-proof solution. As a cost-effective ASIC alternative, Zynq RFSoC DFE enables traditional OEMs and new service providers alike for mass radio deployment.

"For the first time, Xilinx is providing a wireless platform with more hardened IP than adaptive logic in an effort to address the specialized needs of 5G,” said Liam Madden, executive vice president and general manager, Wired and Wireless Group at Xilinx. “With the market needs around 5G evolving, integrated RF solutions need to be adaptable to address future standards while also meeting demanding power, performance and cost requirements.”

Zynq RFSoC DFE offers 2x performance-per-watt compared to prior generations and scales from small cell to massive MIMO macrocells. The Zynq RFSoC DFE is the industry’s only direct RF platform that enables multi-mode, carrier aggregation/sharing, multi-band 400 MHz instantaneous bandwidth in all FR1 bands and emerging bands up to 7.125 GHz. When used as a mmWave IF transceiver, the Zynq RFSoC DFE provides up to 1,600 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth.