Investigations of the immunity of integrated circuits (ICs) and printed circuit boards are important for testing components and assemblies during development. With the magnetic field sources of the H4- IC and H5-IC sets, Langer EMV-Technik GmbH offers specialized tools for small-scale injection of burst pulses into ICs, line structures, and assemblies.

The EFT/Burst magnetic field sources are characterized by a high achievable field strength of up to 200 mT. This means that circuits can also be subjected to a relevant field even through their housing. The reactions of the circuit enable its analysis about interference immunity and signal safety. The safety of a circuit can be assessed during different functional stages of the circuit (e.g. during booting or switching operations). The frequency response of EFT/burst magnetic field sources is optimized for the transmission of standard pulses of a burst generator (according to IEC 61000-4-4).

The BS 06DU-s field source of the H5-IC set reaches a maximum flux density of approx. 150 mT at its peak. Due to the design of the field source, the field lines are repelled by the field source tip and therefore achieve a high efficiency even at a greater distance. The magnetic fields of the BS 06DU-s swirl around the line networks below the tip, so that this field source can be used especially for coupling onto the smallest conductor lines as well as bonding wires.

The BS 06DB-s field source of the H4-IC set reaches a magnetic flux density of approx. 200 mT at its tip. The field line bundle emerges vertically from the field source tip and closes in the vicinity of the field source. Thus this field source can be used to detect particularly horizontal loop structures in the circuit and in assemblies.

The EFT/Burst magnetic field sources BS 06DU-s and BS 06DB-s are calibrated for comparative measurement and can be guided by hand or mover (e.g. ICS 105 Langer IC scanner) according to their measurement task.