Materials enhancements in two electrically conductive elastomers from Laird Performance Materials R&F products eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion and damage from fuel, oils, and deicing fluids in military and aerospace applications. Laird can manufacture the elastomers using highly resilient fluorosilicone and either nickel aluminum or passivated silver aluminum fillers, offering reliable mechanical, environmental, and electromagnetic shielding capabilities.

“Our new electrically conductive elastomers provide reliable environmental sealing and electromagnetic interference shielding for military equipment in the harshest environments,” said Rick Johnson, aerospace, and defense director at Laird Performance Materials. “These two new products expand our line of elastomers and help design engineers protect military electronics amid exposure to saltwater, missile fuel, and more.”

EcE 130 is an electrically conductive fluorosilicone elastomer featuring conductive passivated silver aluminum filler. The silver aluminum material offers high surface conductivity, eliminating energy leakage, and reducing signal interference. The added passivation helps the elastomer resist damaging galvanic corrosion. 

EcE 135 is an electrically conductive fluorosilicone elastomer featuring nickel aluminum filler. The nickel’s inert properties are compatible with all other metals, offering better corrosion resistance than other filler materials. 

“Laird regularly explores new materials to help our military and aerospace customers respond to their complex and evolving challenges,” Johnson said. “The nickel and passivated silver aluminum materials in these new elastomers offer military and aerospace design engineers additional environmental and EMI sealing capabilities, helping them improve the functionality and reliability of electronic systems across a wider range of applications.”

Laird Performance Materials offers end-to-end elastomer solutions for the military and aerospace industries with a product line that includes 40 different compounds and silicone, fluorosilicone, and EDPM elastomers.