Rosenberger North America, announces the launch of their RoSPE HMTD high speed single pair ethernet connector system for Industrial applications such as internal cabling of machines, Industrial electronic equipment, and building automation. RoSPE HMTD offers a continuous reliable connection for all Industrial needs including automation, logistics, buildings, sensors, and wherever data is generated and needs to be transferred.

Rosenberger has a position in the market of automotive ethernet connectivity and today launches its Industrial version of the existing, 20Gbit/s capable HMTD shielded data connector. Leveraging the proven single pair MTD interface, the RoSPE-HMTD connector is now packaged in an Industrial environment housing offering both IP20 and IP67 levels of protection with cable, PCB and panel/bulkhead variants available to system or equipment designers.

RoSPE-HMTD connectors are available as pre-terminated cable assemblies with Rosenberger’s fully automated, 100 percent tested, and traceable process to ensure a high level of performance. RoSPE-HMTD is PoDL (Power over Data Line) enabled, which allows for high speed data and power transmission through one single wire pair and supports power outputs between 0.5 and 50W to provide readily available power to numerous IoT devices even in the most remote locations of the plant and out in the field.    

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