Cinch Connectivity Solutions, announces the expansion of the Johnson cable assembly portfolio by introducing a variety of RG-174 based cable assemblies utilizing an SMA Bulkhead Jack to SMA Plug, Reverse Polarity SMA Bulkhead Jack to Reverse Polarity SMA Plug, and SMA Bulkhead Jack to MMCX Plug connector interfaces.

 Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Johnson cable assemblies are offered in flexible, conformable, and semi-rigid cable types. With 30 interface configurations, offered in standard, and metric lengths, these RG-174 cable assemblies offer a lightweight, flexible, more economical solution than RG-316 cable assemblies. These cable assemblies are commonly used in the transmission of data signals for GPS modules, LAN router, and WAN system equipment.

 Products are available through our distributors Digi-Key, Mouser, and Newark.

For more information on the Johnson SMA Cable Assemblies, visit our website at or download the Johnson SMA Cable Assemblies Datasheet.