Altium launched the next version of its PCB design software: Altium Designer 20. Spanning more than two decades of electronic design, Altium Designer 20 aims to improve the design experience with a faster schematic editor, high-speed design and enhanced interactive router capabilities enabling faster board design.

 These capabilities include:

  • Interactive routing - capabilities enable routing of complex HDI boards and speed up design times by over 20%, even for simple printed circuit boards.
  • High-speed PCB routing capabilities - advanced routing enables users to efficiently design high density and high-speed boards using modern SerDes like PCIe 4.0/5.0, USB3.2, 100G ethernet and parallel buses like DDR3/4/5.
  • Multi-board design - the latest release influences ActiveBOM capabilities, including supplier search, BOM rule checking, and live part choices, for multi-board assemblies. Users can also export 3D PDF files of the multi-board assembly allowing collaborators to view and manipulate 3D assemblies.
  • High-voltage design capabilities - for applications where high-voltage design is critical (e.g. spacecraft, high-altitude aircraft, and high-tech lasers), AD20 provides creepage rules that help maintain high-voltage clearances across the PCB surfaces for prevention of electrical arcing hazards for power supply and mixed-signal device designs.
  • Enhanced user experience -the dynamic compilation capability provides quick access to data across schematic, layout, BOM generation, design documentation, and other elements of altium designer's unified design environment.
  • User-driven quality improvements - AD20 boasts over 200 enhancements suggested by Altium designer users.

     Altium Designer 20 is available now. For the latest product information and how to order visit