Inphi has qualified TowerJazz for production of silicon photonics ICs for data center interconnects using TowerJazz’s PH18 silicon photonics foundry process.

Inphi is using silicon photonics in its PAM4 data center interconnect products: a low power 100G DWDM platform in a QSFP28 form factor. Inphi’s COLORZ solution links data centers within 80 km of each other.

The PH18 platform provides a set of optical components for data center and optical infrastructure applications, including ultra-high bandwidth modulators and photodetectors. The technology complements TowerJazz’s SiGe BiCMOS processes. “We worked with TowerJazz due to their unique ability to develop new cutting-edge technology and offer it in a high volume, high-quality environment,” says Radha Nagarajan, CTO of interconnect at Inphi.

The two companies are working together to align technology roadmaps to meet Inphi’s future needs for advanced RF silicon and photonics semiconductor technology, according to a release announcing the PH18 qualification.