Teledyne LeCroy introduced its WaveRunner 9000 Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes with a 15.4” display, bandwidths from 500 MHz to 4 GHz, and sample rates up to 40 GS/s. The company reports that the WaveRunner 9000 Series offers the deepest toolbox and the most complete collection of serial data debug and validation solutions, making it well suited for embedded system, automotive, and EMC/EMI test applications.

The ubiquity of embedded computing systems with high-speed microprocessors drives demand for mid-range, mixed-signal oscilloscopes with high bandwidth and powerful debug and validation toolsets. However, equipment budgets have not kept pace with the increase in microprocessor speed and complexity. This has forced engineers and managers to sacrifice certain capabilities in their test equipment. Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveRunner 9000 oscilloscopes address all of the critical features—a large display, powerful toolbox, wide range of bandwidths, and enhanced resolution up to 11 bits—at an affordable price.

The WaveRunner 9000 offers test, debug, and validation tools that make it suited for comprehensive testing of embedded computing systems. The serial data triggering and decode (TD) packages, for example, provide  flexible serial triggering with color-coded decode overlay. Additionally, measure/graph and eye-diagram test (TDME) packages complement the TD packages by enabling extraction of decoded data and subsequent waveform data plots, performing bus timing measurements, and creating eye diagrams for testing against standard or custom masks. This set of tools provides causal analysis for not only embedded systems but also automotive applications, covering  validation and debug, including 1000Base-T1 and 100Base-T1 compliance test.

For EMC/EMI compatibility applications, WaveRunner 9000 characterizes EMC test signals with a 40 GS/s sampling rate and 1% gain accuracy. The WaveRunner 9000’s spectral analysis mode pins down high harmonic peaks across a wide EMC band using an interactive peaks and markers table. In addition, a dedicated EMC pulse parameter measurement package enables the user to tailor measurements to specific EMC/ESD standards.

Price and Availability

The WaveRunner 9000 oscilloscopes start at $16,435 and are available now. A range of probes is available.