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Discontinuity Proximity Effect

Signal Integrity, In Practice

In this article, Donald Telian explains why discontinuities do not sum the same way as loss. Telian outlines that a failing an RL mask might indicate that Tx or Rx are simply too close to a discontinuity, causing the discontinuity proximity effect. Read on to learn more about how to to distance SerDes from discontinuities.

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Next-Generation PCB Loss Analysis

In preparation for 224 Gb/s and beyond, Samtec engaged in a research project to characterize the transmission performance of emerging PCB material sets. Brandon Gore explores the current state of the art for PCBs and cables, comparing them and assessing the technology gap to fully support the insertion loss performance required for higher data rates.

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Impulse Response from Insertion Loss

This article explains how to convert channel insertion loss data in a standard Touchstone file into the channel impulse response for time domain simulations. It also shows how some pre-processing of the Touchstone data can help improve results by eliminating the ringing that results from the use of frequency-limited measurement data. Read on to see how.

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