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ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS SI/PI FORUM: KEYNOTE: Is Power Integrity the New Black Magic?


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4/22/21 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Event Description

Electronic Systems SI/PI Forum

Title: KEYNOTE: Is Power Integrity the New Black Magic?

Date: April 22, 2021

Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Presented by: Istvan Novak, Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer, Samtec

Power integrity (PI) is a relatively new discipline, emerging after electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and signal integrity (SI), and is quickly becoming the key challenge for system, circuit, board, package, and silicon designers.  Some industry experts say that as SI has matured, PI has now become the new black magic.  This talk will examine the reasons why PI is so difficult and will analyze past predictions and current challenges.  The safety and reliability concerns brought on by the proliferation of power electronic circuits in all walks of life will be discussed, from tiny energy-harvesting circuits, through consumer electronics products, to high-power electronics in autonomous vehicles.

Presenter Bio:
Istvan Novak
 is a Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer at Samtec, working on advanced signal and power integrity designs. Prior to 2018 he was a Distinguished Engineer at SUN Microsystems, later Oracle. He worked on new technology development, advanced power distribution, and signal integrity design and validation methodologies for SUN's successful workgroup server families. He was engaged in the methodologies, designs and characterization of power-distribution networks from silicon to DC-DC converters. He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE with twenty-nine patents to his name, author of two books on power integrity, teaches signal and power integrity courses, and maintains a popular SI/PI website. Istvan was named Engineer of the Year at DesignCon 2020.

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