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Exploring EMC Basics & Standards


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4/8/21 1:00 pm EDT


Location: Virtual

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 [Hosted by Washington Laboratories Academy

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements are everywhere. Whether you are developing 5G products or something as simple as a common table lamp, your device must meet requirements set by a standardization body such as CISPR, ETSI, or the FCC. These EMC standards define acceptable emission and immunity levels, testing methodologies, and test equipment in order to ensure proper EMC requirements set by global and/or regional regulatory bodies. This webinar offers an introduction to the concepts of EMC testing and discusses why EMC regulations are important. This webinar also explains why we need EMC testing, what makes up the parts of EMC testing. The presenters also provide an overview of why standards exist, who sets the requirements, and which standards are most common in the commercial, A&D, automotive, and medical industries.

Jonathan Coke, Applications Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz
Jeremy Cline, EMC Product Manager, Rohde & Schwarz