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COM in NRZ and PAM4: Understanding How Crosstalk, Equalization, Noise, and Jitter Combine With Frequency Response


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6/11/20 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST

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Signal Integrity Journal Webinar Series

Title:  COM in NRZ and PAM4: Understanding How Crosstalk, Equalization, Noise, and Jitter Combine With Frequency Response

Date:  June 11, 2020

Time:  8am PT/ 11am ET

Presented By: Ransom Stephens, Author, Technologist, and Physicist

Sponsored by:  Noisecom and Rohde & Schwarz 


High-speed serial technology standards are adopting ever more complicated figures of merit for compliance testing. They’re meant to give designers the freedom to optimize network elements as best they can within the confines of transmitter-channel-receiver interoperability. Channel operating margin (COM) is the most complex. In this webinar, we dive into COM not only so that you can understand what it is, how it works, and its limitations, but so that you can see how the gears turn in high-speed serial systems polluted with jitter, noise, and crosstalk.

Who should attend:

Engineers who design, test, or implement HSS (high speed serial) technology at the physical layer. COM is used in IEEE802.3bj/bs/cd/ck (50/100/200/400 Gigabit Ethernet) but the concepts that go into COM are universal to all HSS technologies from 25 to 112 Gb/s: OIF-CEI, PCIe, USB, sATA, Inifiniband, FibreChannel, etc.

Presenter Bio:

Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., helps engineers advance to the highest data rates by teaching the concepts engineers need to design better systems, better serdes, and better ways to find problems and come up with solutions. Ransom started in basic research at labs in the US and Europe specializing in digging weak signals out of strong backgrounds. He brought those skills to high speed electronics in 1999 and invented new techniques for signal and noise analysis. Since 2005, when he started Ransom’s Notes, his seminars have helped thousands of EEs understand key nuances of their work. Ransom was named the 2017 Jim Williams ACE Contributor of the Year for content that advances engineering and design. He is also an accomplished book author: the novels The God Patent and The Sensory Deception both published by 47North, Amazon Publishing’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror imprint have each appeared on a variety of bestseller lists. His first full-length work of nonfiction popular science, The Left Brain Speaks the Right Brain Laughs, was published by Viva Editions in 2016. Ransom holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California.

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