Simberian Inc.

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Simberian Inc. has been incorporated in USA on February 28, 2006. We do research and develop software in Westlake Village, USA and in St. Petersburg and Voronezh, Russia.

Simberian Mission
Our mission is to build advanced and easy-to-use electromagnetic signal integrity software. Yet another field solver? There are already plenty of advanced electromagnetic tools on the market. Unfortunately, they are mostly used by people with Ph.D. degrees in electromagnetics and have very steep learning curve. In addition they are prohibitively expensive. There are more and more engineers who need such tools to develop advanced applications and do not have time to learn computational electromagnetics. They do not have to. With our tool Simbeor we are going to close this gap between signal integrity engineers and computational electromagnetics and to make electromagnetic signal integrity software easy to use and fun to work with. In addition we want to make our software affordable staying efficient and using contemporary software development and distribution technologies.

Contact Information:

Contact: Yuriy Shlepnev
Title: President
Phone: 206-726-1098
Fax: 206-726-1098


Simberian Inc.
2326 E Denny Way
Seattle WA 98122
United States


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