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Flex Power Modules designs and manufactures board-mounted DC/DC conversion products which target the following key markets: telecom, data center applications, industrial and railway.

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Flex Power Modules
6201 America Center Drive
San Jose CA 95002
United States

PKE-A Series of DC/DC Converters

Flex Power Modules has expanded its range of 2” x 1” encapsulated, through-hole DC/DC converters with the addition of three of the latest parts with single outputs of 24 V (21.6-26.4 V), 48 V (43.2-52.8 V) and 54 V (48.6-59.4 V). The parts retain the wide 8:1 input range of the PKE8000A series, suiting nominal inputs of 12 V, 24 V, 28 V or 48 V for a wide range of industrial, transportation, RFPA, and IT applications.

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