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Technotronix has provided ample printed circuit board solutions to a wide range of industries, making us the best printed circuit board manufacturers in California. If you are thinking of getting the finest PCB Assembly services for quick tons and mass production; Technotronix has all the solutions you need for your business. When we started manufacturing printed circuit boards, we got to know about the poor customer services and quality of boards that were not good at that time, which gives us the vision to use the technology and prepare the best PCB for our clients. Whether it is for some PCB for a large-scale production every day, we do our best to surpass our customer’s expectations by finding new ways of repairing advanced PCB. Technotronix stands for your needs and the importance of deliveries that is why we hire the best engineers who can manage all the printed circuit boards. They are experienced in the field which works to get the smart ways of PCB manufacturing. We respect all the engineers and find out the best from them to overcome all the challenges that can be faced in PCB manufacturing. Technotronix has the domestic and Offshore manufacturing facilities to fulfill all the Aerospace printed circuit board standards. From preparing prototypes to large -scale production, Technotronix goes through several stages to ensure the quality of printed circuit boards. By meeting all the standards required by Medical, aerospace and military applications for a service, we provide every type of printed circuit boards, prototypes and assemblies. The boards are flexible, rigid-flex with all PCB assemblies that can give you the best operations in your electronics division. Every industry needs printed circuit boards, and Technotronix understands them properly and prepares the most durable printed circuit boards. It is crucial to prepare durable printed circuit boards that can be managed to survive in any situation. Technotronix ensures burning testing, IC burning, functional testing, component inspection, component value check, and all the crucial testing that can give you the best printed circuit boards. You can get all soldering types on your printed circuit boards like hand soldering, leaded soldering, reflow soldering, and selective soldering. With ample soldering applications in printed circuit boards, you can trust technotronix to prepare world-class printed circuit boards to meet all the standards. We understand the whole designs and manufacturing process to find the best solution to fit the market strategy. Technotronix is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS 9100 rev D certified company that ensures the best quality products. You can get a large-scale production on printed circuit boards whenever you want it, and we ensure the fastest PCB delivery in California. For the last 40 years, Technotronix is evolving its services on a large scale and finding out the smart solutions to connect every printed circuit board to the world. Nowadays, IoT products are crucial for businesses, and we prepare the best IoT printed circuit boards that can enhance the signal transmission of printed circuit boards. To understand more about our services you can visit on our website.

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Contact: Ken G.
Title: Printed Circuit board Sales and Technical Client Service
Phone: 714-630-9200


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