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B.S. Chemistry - Auburn University (1974) M. S. Electrical Engineering - California State University Long Beach (1990) (Optics) M.S. Chemical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology (1977) (Chemical Plant Simulation) J.D. - University of Houston School of Law (1983) M.B.A. - University of Oklahoma (1985) LL.M. - Taxation - University of San Diego School of Law (1997) More Complete Bio Page: http://patentax.com/curt/ Areas where I may be able to help related to the education outlined above: (1) Technical Evaluation, Reference Summaries, Technology search (English, Russian, Japanese) (2) Operating Risk Evaluation (entity configurations, contracts, insurance-captive or commercially available) (3) Additional Financial Advantage (Jurisdiction Location costs, Tax Credit applications, Potential for Accelerated Depreciation, & Relocation) (3) New Products & Services evaluation (electrical, chemical, mechanical & business methods & relationships) (4) Independent Contractor Analysis for a given jurisdiction (Federal Factors, "CA-AB5" Factors, & Preventative Steps) (5) License Product IP classification, ITAR & EAR export investigation, Sales Tax Exposure) (6) Planning to Minimize Tax Liability & Risk while maintaining potential for growth (7) Staking a claim to a safe, unique Brand Name with high value potential at less projected risk & cost; versus entry into an expensive fight for a low value common name dangerous weak brand (8) Techniques to avoid personal liability to creditors, where possible, with Entity Isolation, Responsibility Shifting, & Insurance (9) Licensing Matters, including Carrot/Stick, Options, Insolvency Effects, Short License, & Controlling a Business Sale (10) Knowledge of Federal Crimes, including (Bankruptcy & Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Interference with Business, to name a few..)

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Contact: Curt Harrington
Title: Tax & Patent Practitioner
Phone: (562)594-9784


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