Greenray Industries Inc.

Company Profile

Greenray Industries is a leading manufacturer of precision crystal oscillators including OCXO, TCXO, and VCXO products designed for communications, instrumentation and military applications. Greenray offers frequency control solutions for several key markets. For the military market, we provide products for smart munitions, missile guidance, mobile receivers and radar systems. Greenray serves the needs of the communications industry with products designed for applications including Stratum III and IIIE for telecommunications, as well as wireless and SATCOM, and emerging technologies like WiMAX. In addition, we provide components for use in Global Navigation Satellite Systems, like GPS. And many of our low noise/tight stability oscillators are used for instrumentation applications.

Contact Information:

Contact: Wayne Bolton
Title: Operations Manager
Phone: (717) 766-0223


Greenray Industries Inc.
840 west church road
Mechanicsburg PA 17055
United States


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