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You’re pressed for time and don’t have the budget to spend many weeks doing costly simulations.  You need a reliable source that can transform your circuit into a PCB.  BajaPCB is your applied signal integrity practitioner.  We apply theory to produce working PCBs.  DC to 110GHz

- an experienced EE will handle your design (not a drafter, tech, or graphic designer)

- you will save time.  Our know-how allows us to avoid relying on lengthy, and costly, simulation cycles.

- you will save costs.  Our nearshore location means savings to you.

- proven experience with over 1,300 completed high-speed (>10Gbps) and RF (30MHz to 110GHz) designs 

- we can also debug existing underperforming board designs and correct them

- TDR testing and “Eye-Diagram” testing up to 56Gbps including PAM4 signals

- easy nearshore ordering through our US sister company

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Blvd. Benito Juárez 907
Centro Playas
Rosarito, B.C. 22710


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