GigOptix Inc.

Company Profile

GigOptix is a leading fabless supplier of semiconductor and optical components that enable high speed information streaming and address emerging high growth opportunities in the communications, industrial, defense and avionics industries. The Company offers a broad portfolio of high performance MMIC solutions that enable next generation wireless microwave systems up to 90GHz and drivers, TIAs and TFPS optical modulators for 40G and 100G fiber-optic telecommunications and data-communications networks. GigOptix also offers a wide range of digital and mixed-signal ASIC solutions and enables product lifetime extension through its GigOptix Sunset Rescue Program. GigOptix focuses on the specification, design, development and sale of analog semiconductor Integrated Circuits (ICs), Multi-Chip Module (MCMs) solutions, polymer modulators, and analog and mixed signal custom ASICs, as well as wireless communications MMICs and modules. GigOptix believes it is an industry leader in the fast growing market for electronic solutions that enable high-bandwidth optical connections found in telecommunications (telecom) systems, data communications (datacom) and storage systems, and, increasingly, in consumer electronics and computing systems.

Contact Information:

Contact: Avi Katz
Title: CEO
Phone: (408) 522-3100
Fax: (408) 522-3102


GigOptix Inc.
130 Baytech Dr.
San Jose CA 95134
United States


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