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Pico Technology
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Pico Technology is a leader in innovative, feature-rich PC Oscilloscopes, RF products and data acquisition devices for electronic test and measurement applications. The company's products include real-time oscilloscopes, sampling oscilloscopes, pulse generators, vector network analyzers, agile synthesizers, data loggers, and accessories. Pico Technology is focused on making high-quality instrumentation more available, affordable and portable.


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Decoders for PicoScope: SMBus and SBS Data

The Pico Technology serial decoders team have been working overtime, adding another protocol to both PicoScope 6 (Stable) and PicoScope 7 (Early Access) implementations: MIPI I3C Basic specification waveforms can now be decoded, displayed, and analyzed on any PicoScope with sufficient bandwidth and memory depth.

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Extended Range of PicoScope 6000E Series Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology announced the development of its PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes with the launch of three 4-channel models, each of which can be configured with 16 optional digital channels. With bandwidths of 300 or 500 MHz, 8-bit or 8/10/12-bit Flexible Resolution and up to 4 GS deep capture memory, these products enhance the existing PicoScope 6000E portfolio, adding to the 8-channel models that were introduced earlier in the year.

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