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Microchip Expands its mSiC Solutions with the 3.3 kV XIFM Plug-and-Play mSiC Gate Driver to Accelerate the Adoption of High-Voltage SiC Power Modules

To help developers implement SiC solutions and fast-track the development process, Microchip Technology introduces the 3.3 kV XIFM plug-and-play mSiC gate driver with patented augmented switching technology, which is designed to work out-of-the-box with preconfigured module settings to significantly reduce design and evaluation time.

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Precise Time Scale System

Precise Time Scale System, a timing system that is traceable to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and not dependent on GNSS—providing nations, institutions, critical infrastructure operators, and scientific labs with complete control over the time source that their infrastructure depends on. 

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28V-input SA50-28

Microchip Technology Inc. has eliminated the cost, complexity, and customization challenges of these hybrid solutions by offering a discrete-component-based, space-grade DC-DC power converter family that now includes 28V-input, 50-watt (W) radiation-tolerant options.

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