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KEMET T598 Tantalum Polymer Capacitors Set New Performance Benchmarks

To Drive Megatrend Applications in Automotive and Super Computing

KEMET Corporation expanded the temperature capability of T598 devices, a Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Capacitor. These devices address the stringent requirements and new challenges presented by megatrend applications in automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving and in digitalization uses such as supercomputing, mobility services, connectivity and infotainment.

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European Research Project Power2power for More Efficient Power Semiconductors Launches in Dresden

The European cooperation project Power2Power has started. Over the coming three years, 43 partners from eight countries will research and develop  power semiconductors with more power density and energy efficiency. Power semiconductors are needed in all stages of energy conversion: generation, transmission, and use. More efficient semiconductors make a major contribution towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions in spite of the world's growing energy needs. Universities, research institutes, small and medium-sized companies and international corporations are involved in this cooperation. Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH & Co. KG is coordinating this project.

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3D Magnetic Interactions Could Lead to New Forms of Computing

A new form of magnetic interaction which pushes a formerly two-dimensional phenomenon into the third dimension could open up a host of exciting new possibilities for data storage and advanced computing, scientists say.  In a new paper published in the journal Nature Materials, a team led by physicists from the University of Glasgow describe how they have been found a new way to successfully pass information from a series of tiny magnets arrayed on a thin film across to magnets on a second film below.

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