The new EMI receiver TDEMI® ULTRA from GAUSS INSTRUMENTS provides industry-leading features, such as a 685 MHz real-time bandwidth, fast receiver scanning and multi GHz real-time scanning up to 40 GHz. It is a multi-purpose instrument for a wide range of applications and due to its compact design, a 12V supply, and a weight of less than 10 kg it is a fitting tool for field testing or on-board testing applications.

With excellent capabilities the TDEMI® ULTRA is a suitable fit for your conducted and radiated measurements and much more. By providing the lowest noise floor and the highest dynamic of receivers in the market, the TDEMI® ULTRA offers positive performance for all challenging applications – and your engineering tasks, signal analysis or product certifications become just a walk-over.

Also time-saving and very efficient full automation of your EMC and communication testings according to all EMC or ETSI standards is available by the EMI64k software suite.

The TDEMI® ULTRA will be presented for the very first time at the trade show “EMV 2018” at booth 3-401 in Düsseldorf, Germany from 20th – 22nd of February.