Samtec has released a higher density signal count and new AC power option available with the EXTreme Ten60Power™ system.

TSamtec's EXTreme Ten60Power™ header and socket system (ET60T/ET60S Series) is available in both power/signal combinations and power only for increased design flexibility. The new 5-row signal option allows for up to 40 positions in the same form factor as the 3-row option. For higher density without the need for additional space, the 5-row design features a 2.00 mm pitch, versus the 3-row on a 2.54 mm pitch.

The new AC power option provides greater flexibility to this modular EXTreme Ten60Power™ system, which is configurable to meet most application specifications. AC power blades feature a 7.50 mm pitch to accommodate higher voltage levels, while DC power blades are on a 5.50 mm pitch to carry a lower, more constant voltage level. Additionally, the power blades can be selectively loaded to achieve any specific creepage and clearance requirements.

The EXTreme Ten60Power™ family delivers high current power performance to 60 A per power blade with a low 10 mm profile design for enhanced system flow. Symmetrical or asymmetrical power configurations are available, as well as AC and DC combinations. A split power option is in development. This system features a hot swap option and is rated for a maximum voltage of 250 V.

The through-hole, right angle terminal and socket are ideal for coplanar applications. The socket also is available in a vertical orientation for perpendicular mating and optional press-fit tails for ease of board termination. Rugged guide posts are standard and assist in blind mating. A top guide post is in development for additional board space savings.

Samtec's line of power products includes PowerStrip™ available in three product levels differentiated by size and power output: PowerStrip™/35, PowerStrip™/25 and PowerStrip™/15. In addition, the PowerStrip™ family includes power and power/signal combination discrete wire cable systems, power and power/signal combinations in right-angle and vertical orientations, as well as a hinged system and press-fit termination for board level applications.

Please visit Samtec's EXTreme Ten60Power™ web page for more information about EXTreme Ten60Power™ products, or try the parametric search in Samtec's online Solutionator® tool to find products that meet specific creepage and clearance specifications. EXTreme Ten60Power™ is a trademark of Molex Incorporated and is dual sourced by Molex®.