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The ChipScan-ESA analysis software has been designed to record spectrum analyzer measurement curves. It has been custom-designed for EMC measurements in the field and utilizes Langer EMV-Technik GmbH’s ESA1 emissions development system. The software allows users to record the type and properties of any number of near-field emission measurements and compare the curves quickly and easily. It is particularly suitable for pre- and post measurements during the EMC optimization of the device under test.

Features include a Trace Manager that allows users to annotate, color or offset the measurement curves, while the Spectrum Analyzer Manager enables users to control the most important spectrum analyzer functions via the user interface. The software enables a random number of measurement curves to be recorded at any one time, which are shown in one diagram for precise analysis. Also, individual measurement curves can be shown or hidden and each curve can be assigned a specific color and extensive comments added. The comments can be used to provide information about the measurement conditions that led to the respective curve.

The Live Trace feature allows a continuous display of the spectrum analyzer’s measurements in the relevant window. During the live transmission, previously recorded measurement curves can be shown for comparison. Users can select this feature to check and further optimize the effect of an EMC countermeasure directly.

The ChipScan-ESA software can be used to record any number of measurements from a spectrum analyzer and store them. Measurement curves can be compared directly and user-defined correction curves can be created. Existing correction curves can be imported and applied.

The software can also be used to generate and export image data that may be required for documentation or for presentation. In addition, all measurement curves can be exported to R, Matlab or Excel as a comma separated value (CSV) list for further processing.

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