In November 2022, Dr. Jihad M Boura  —  Chief Architect & Global Director of Engineering at IPG-Photonics, former Digital Systems professor at Boston University and Holy Spirit University in Beirut, and the Founder, CTO, and VP of Engineering at ATC-VLSI and Proquent Systems —  launches Beyond Silicon Solutions. A fabless Semiconductor start-up that hosts the strategic pool of IPG-Photonics chip design principals who can deliver high-end engineering services in high-speed circuit, hardware, firmware, software, and SOC designs & testing solutions for 400G systems and beyond. 

This team has a combined experience of 120 years in a myriad of solutions in network processors, packet classifiers, look-up technologies, traffic management, high-speed switching fabrics, L2/L3/L4/L7 switching, SONET/SDH/OTN framers/wrappers, Transponders, MuxPonders, ADM, and 400G QSFP-DD. In addition, this team is skillful in ASIC/FPGA design and process, 100G/200G/400G system architecture, chip architecture, modeling, analysis, and complex problem solving. Moreover, this division has a deep knowledge of embedded, DSP, communication systems, and processor design.

Furthermore, Beyond Silicon Solutions builds on the long experience of its principal engineering team that has delivered projects for tier-1 companies such as Verizon, 3COM, Cisco, Saudi Electric, and others. BSS promises a great potential based on the successful history of its professional team that was capable to compete and win against its competitors. Today, this team offers outsourcing opportunities in high-end engineering services and is leveraging the needed 2030 skills to bring cutting edge innovative solutions to the global telecom, data mining, encryption, high-speed switching, and transmission systems.

More information is available by contacting Raja Younes, director of business development at BSS, via email: