Taiwan Semiconductor and SnapEDA are announcing the availability of a comprehensive library of CAD models for all TSC components. The library includes 3D mechanical models, schematic symbols, and PCB footprints.

By creating a one-stop, comprehensive library of CAD models for the entire catalog of Taiwan Semiconductor components, printed circuit board designers will be able to complete projects faster and more reliably.

“Engineers are looking for ways to design electronic products faster and better using information they can access in real time, globally,” said Vice President, TSC Products, Sam Wang. “By making our entire product line’s footprint, symbols, and 3D models available through an array of channels, we’re doing our part to simplify the electronic designer’s job and promote design-ins with TSC products.”

The library, created, and maintained by SnapEDA in collaboration with TSC, is accessible on the SnapEDA and TSC websites and automatically syndicated to TSC-authorized distribution channels, including Digi-Key and. Mouser.

"Today's engineers want technical resources and documentation at their fingertips 24/7. This is driving them towards digital self-serve product selection experiences,” said Natasha Baker, CEO & Founder, SnapEDA. “We're thrilled to partner with Taiwan Semiconductor – a leader in automotive grade power electronics devices – to bring a seamless design experience to their website, as well as over 30 partner platforms via the SnapEDA ecosystem. By making Taiwan Semiconductor technical resources ubiquitous, we'll help engineers design faster with their devices." 

The libraries, created and verified by SnapEDA’s Component Engineering team, are available in all major CAD formats, including Altium, Eagle, KiCad, OrCAD/Allegro, PADS/DxDesigner, Zuken CR-8000/CR-5000, and over 15 other formats. They have been created in compliance with IEEE/ANSI 315-1975, IPC-7351B, and other internal standards.