PPI is now offering Traditional NP0, High-Q 0505 (0.055” x 0.055”) & 1111 (0.110” x 0.110”) capacitors for wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base stations, GPS, MRI, and radar applications; are available in Magnetic or Non- Magnetic 100% RoHS Tin or Tin/Lead terminations (90% Sn 10% Pb solder) terminations; and are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123. The 1111C/P series is also available with microstrip leads.

PPI is ISO9001:2015 certified.PPI provides technical information and support allowing engineers to determine the correct PPI capacitor for their requirements. Series information, such as Series datasheets, S-Parameter data, and Modelithics® Modeling Data can be found at www.passiveplus.com/hiqproducts.php.  Information such as Scattering Matrices (S2P) Charts while providing options (Case Size, Terminations, Mounting), and parameters (ESR, Q, Impedance) along with Part & Series Datasheets can be found at http://www.passiveplus.net/. 

Contact PPI directly at +1 (631) 425-0938 or sales@passiveplus.com for quotes, pricing, orders, custom requests or specific engineering questions.