Keysight Technologies, Inc., has expanded the company's Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS) portfolio with two test and certification solutions for charging interfaces within an electric vehicle (EV) or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The first is used for high-power charging, and the second is an EMC optimized version used during AC or DC charging.

EMC standards, as well as standards for high-power charging, continue to evolve fast. Project managers and test engineers are struggling to keep pace with these evolving (and dissimilar) standards for charging in e-mobility. Currently, these individuals are manually modifying their test approach to suit each standard.

Keysight's Scienlab innovative solutions enable customers to automate tests to improve productivity while reducing test time and costs. Due to its special EMC shielded design and built-in, low-noise components, the emission of Keysight's Scienlab CDS optimized for EMC is reduced to a minimum level. This enables EMC testing of EVs and EVSEs under real charging conditions without test environment interference.

Furthermore, Keysight's Scienlab EMC CDS, which is used inside an anechoic chamber for conducted or radiated immunity and emission tests, is immune to external electro-magnetic fields and can be placed close to the specimen during immunity tests. This helps ensure precise and undistorted measurements.

The Keysight Scienlab CDS portfolio, the only fully modular test systems that allow testing of EV and EVSE during high-power chargingenables customers to perform the necessary tests for interoperability according to worldwide charging standards, which reduces their time to market and sets a benchmark for quality.

With two solutions, Keysight's Scienlab CDS portfolio covers the complete range of charging interface test for all EV and EVSE worldwide," stated Dr. Michael Schugt, senior manager of Keysight's Automotive and Energy Scienlab E-Mobility business. "We are proud to deliver holistic solutions that future-proof hardware and software via a modular and flexible design, and provide our customers with ongoing development of test cases to sync with evolving charging standards."

Keysight's Scienlab CDS portfolio offers charging station, car manufacturers, and test facilities with the following key features which:

  • Address all charging standards
  • Cover communication and power flow testing with a modular and flexible system architecture
  • Provide automated test cases
  • Offer full compatibility with all Scienlab AC and DC Power Sources from Keysight  
  • Ensure ease-of-use with intuitive control software

Governments around the world are offering incentives and establishing regulation to encourage business and consumer investment in EVs to reduce air pollution and noise contribution. Keysight supports the automotive, energy and communications industries in this transition with design, test, and validation solutions. In 2016, Keysight's Scienlab group, prior to being acquired by Keysight, joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), an association of industry experts across the automotive ecosystem, to support the establishment of a global standard for EV charging. Keysight is also a member of another major EV charging standard, the CHAdeMO association.  Keysight's CDS portfolio covers all existing worldwide charging standards and uses a modular design that allows users to verify the charging interoperability between any EV and any EVSE.

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