SnapEDA announced the launch of an analytics service for component suppliers, SnapInsights. The service provides business and engineering executives with instant insights into how engineers discover, design-in, and ultimately purchase their products.

SnapInsights’ data is drawn from SnapEDA’s electronics design search engine, a pioneering service launched in 2013. Today, over 1 million engineers globally use the search engine each year to discover and design-in components, including engineers from Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

SnapInsights tracks and reports aggregated information on component design-ins from SnapEDA’s platform while maintaining the privacy of individual engineers and their respective companies.

More than just raw metrics, it gives component suppliers unprecedented actionable insights into the entire design cycle — from component discovery and selection, all the way to purchase. This allows component suppliers to identify opportunities to increase the adoption for their existing products, and aid them in strategic product development with broader market data.

As SnapInsights begins to understand a user’s design cycles, it can even provide guidance on when a design-in is likely to turn into a purchase, enabling sales, and marketing teams to focus their resources on ROI-yielding tactics. Component suppliers can leverage SnapInsights to enable smarter product strategies, focus digital marketing efforts, and even optimize their supply chains.

“Engineers use SnapEDA at the beginning of their designs when they’re selecting components. Suppliers can use the insights offered by SnapInsights to understand and maximize design-in opportunities, and ultimately, grow their revenue,” said Sofía Henao, Data Manager at SnapEDA.

SnapInsights’ key benefits include:

  • Identify how engineers are finding your products
  • Determine where engineers are most likely to design-in your products
  • Understand the typical design cycles of your customers
  • Gain broader market insights, including top geographies, and PCB design formats
  • Understand how your brand performs vis-a-vis your competitors
  • Market to engineers based on predictive design cycles
  • Understand the key segments in the market to define product development strategies
  • Measure revenue generated from SnapEDA
  • Download as csv, excel, or images for easy data organization, analysis, and utilization

A number of the industry’s leading companies have already integrated SnapInsights into their workflows to better understand the customer journey and those who want to follow suit only need a valid work email to access SnapInsights for free.

Component suppliers can signup at to begin leveraging SnapInsights’ analytics in their work.