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In-Phase Technologies  announced  availability of their Model PCT306 Microwave Vector Test System. The self-contained, computer controlled measurement system is used for testing RF and microwave passive devices utilized in helicopters, aircraft, ships, submarines and militarized vehicles. The 50 Ohm system, covering the frequency range of 30 KHz to 26.5 GHz, accurately measures all S-parameters, scalar insertion loss, VSWR and distance to fault (DTF) of RF and microwave cable assemblies under harsh environments. It is designed to withstand vibration, shock and varied temperature and humidity conditions. The system is packaged within a small transit case and is capable of running off its own internal battery supply, or can be connected to any AC outlet. The portable test set is ideal for rapid integrity checks or for troubleshooting coaxial cable runs, antennas and other passive devices on the flight line or in depot and field maintenance facilities.

The design of Model PCT 306 is based on field proven In-Phase cable test systems used over a decade within the CH-47 Chinook and V-22 Osprey rotorcraft production facilities. Each test set can be pre-programmed with scores of antenna, coaxial cable and other device performance specifications. These specifications are used by a test operator to test and verify the performance of critical cables and devices used in C5ISR avionic systems.

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